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Nell: An SVG Drawing Language


This is software for the book Nell: An SVG Drawing Language.

The software is free and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is written in ANSI C and should compile with any C compiler.

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Stefan (stefan at exstrom dot com)
Richard (richard at exstrom dot com).

To compile these programs you will need an ANSI C compiler such as gcc. These programs are very easily compiled on the command line. With gcc you can compile using the commands:

gcc -lm -o nell calcfun.c nell.c
gcc -lm -o nellsvg nellsvg.c

This will create the nell and nellsvg executables.

When you compile with gcc as above, and you get messages that include the phrase "undefined reference", try moving the "-lm" to the end of the command so it looks like this:

gcc -o nell calcfun.c nell.c -lm
gcc -o nellsvg nellsvg.c -lm

Send comments to: Richard Hollos (richard[AT]exstrom DOT com)
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