About Abrazol Publishing

Our Name

Abrazol is a Hungarian word meaning "to illustrate". The name reflects our fondness for graphics, as well as the idea that publishing should be about illustrating ideas in a way that makes them easy to understand and a pleasure to contemplate. The founders of Abrazol, Stefan and Richard Hollos, are also genetically part Hungarian, and identify with that part of Hungarian culture that values mathematics, but they can do without the traditional unhealthy Hungarian diet.

Our Take

We like to publish science and math related books, and consider ourselves connoisseurs of such books. We think that math and science books are often way overpriced. This is a symptom of greedy dinosaur publishers who are still accustomed to the way things used to be in the publishing industry decades ago, when there was less choice for authors and readers.

We get a bit itchy when we see an interesting math or science book that's way overpriced. Such pricing effectively cuts the book out of most of the market and is a disservice to both those who would like to read it, as well as the authors who took such care to write it but find their book languishing in obscurity because of the greedy pricing.

If you are such an author, we want you to know that you have a choice, and if you publish your next book with us, your book will be internationally available at a reasonable price, and you'll get a higher percentage royalty than you'd get with the greedy dinosaur publishers.

If you enjoy reading math and science books but come across one that is unreasonably priced, we'd like to hear from you. Please tell us the title so that we may contact the author and let him know that he has a choice, and can still save his works from obscurity, as well as boost his income.

Send comments to: Richard Hollos (richard[AT]abrazol DOT com).